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Alkaloid (65):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-N0488
    Vincristine sulfate 2068-78-2
    Vincristine (sulfate) is an inhibitor of polymerization of microtubules by binding to tubulin with IC50 of 32 μM in a cell-free assay.
    Vincristine sulfate
  • HY-N0086
    N6-Methyladenosine 1867-73-8
    N6-Methyladenosine is the most prevalent internal (non-cap) modification present in the messenger RNA (mRNA) of all higher eukaryotes.
  • HY-N0862
    Harringtonine 26833-85-2
    Harringtonine, a natural Cephalotaxus alkaloid, is an inhibitor of protein synthesis.
  • HY-N0219
    (+)-Bicuculline 485-49-4
    (+)-Bicuculline, a convulsant alkaloid, is the antagonist of GABA.
  • HY-N0095
    (S)-10-Hydroxycamptothecin 19685-09-7
    (S)-10-Hydroxycamptothecin is a clinical therapy agent against hepatoma.
  • HY-N0480
    Reserpine 50-55-5
    Reserpine (Serpalan) is an indole alkaloid antipsychotic and antihypertensive drug that irreversibly blocks the vesicular monoamine transporter (VMAT).
  • HY-N0590
    Corynoxeine 630-94-4
    Corynoxeine is a potent ERK1/2 inhibitor of key PDGF-BB-induced VSMC proliferation; a useful and prospective compound in the prevention and treatment for vascular diseases.
  • HY-N0750
    Monocrotaline 315-22-0
    Monocrotaline is an pyrrolizidine alkaloid extracted from the seeds of the Crotalaria spectabilis plant to induce pulmonary hypertension in rodents.
  • HY-N0739
    Betaine hydrochloride 590-46-5
    Betaine hydrochloride is an acidic form of betaine, a vitamin-like substance found in grains and other foods; improves the amplification of DNA by reducing the formation of secondary structure in GC-rich regions.
    Betaine hydrochloride
  • HY-N0051
    Aconitine 302-27-2
    Aconitine(Acetylbenzoylaconine) is a neurotoxin which activates tetrodotoxin-sensitive Na+ channels, inducing presynaptic depolarization and blocking the release of neurotransmitters; also blocks norepinephrine reuptake and induces ventricular tachycardia after intracoronary injection in heart.
  • HY-N0901A
    Corynoxine B 17391-18-3
    Corynoxine B is an oxindole alkaloid isolated from Uncaria rhynchophylla (Miq.) Jacks (Gouteng in Chinese); a Beclin-1-dependent autophagy inducer.
    Corynoxine B
  • HY-N0164
    Matrine 519-02-8
    Matrine(Sophocarpidine; α-Matrine) is an alkaloid found in plants from the Sophora genus.
  • HY-N0441
    Neferine 2292-16-2
    Neferine, is a major alkaloid present in the green embryos of Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn with anti-arrhythmia, anti-hypertensive and vaso-relaxant properties , also a NF-κB inhibitor.
  • HY-N0093
    Ancitabine hydrochloride 10212-25-6
    Ancitabine (hydrochloride) is an important antileukemia drugs.
    Ancitabine hydrochloride
  • HY-N0724
    Mesaconitine 2752-64-9
    Mesaconitine is the main active component of genus aconitum plants.
  • HY-N0901
    Corynoxine 6877-32-3
    Corynoxine is an enantiomer of Corynoxine B; induces autophagy in different neuronal cell lines, including N2a and SHSY-5Y cells.
  • HY-N0217
    Benzoylaconine 466-24-0
    Benzoylaconine(Isaconitine; Pikraconitin) is an alkaloid in the Chinese traditional medicine Radix Aconiti Lateralis Preparata (Fuzi).
  • HY-N0069
    Solamargine 20311-51-7
    Solamargine is a major steroidal alkaloid glycoside extracted from a traditional Chinese medicinal herb, Solanum nigrum L. (SNL); has been shown to inhibit growth and induce apoptosis of various cancer cells.
  • HY-N0252
    Catharanthine 2468-21-5
    Catharanthine inhibits nicotinic receptor mediated diaphragm contractions with IC50 of 59.6 μM.
  • HY-N0212
    Peimine 23496-41-5
    Peimine(Dihydroisoimperialine; Verticine) is a natural compound with good anti-inflammatory effects in vivo.