1. Literature


  • Aging Without Dying -- The secret of longevity interpreted by high score literature
    Understanding the mechanism of aging not only has guiding significance for prolonging human life but also has important clinical significance for the prevention and treatment of diseases in the elderly population , thus, improving their life quality and well-being.
  • Efferocytosis: the terminal station for dying cells
    Efferocytosis is the process in which phagocytes remove programmed dead cells. It prevents secondary necrosis of dying cells from releasing harmful cell contents (such as oxides and proteases) that may cause inflammation. Here, we will introduce three stages of efferocytosis: Find, Eat, Digest.
  • <i>Cell</i> | Transformation of Morphine and Fentanyl!
    As powerful pain relievers, the opioids morphine and fentanyl have been "checked" by their side effects (listed as controlled substances). How to reduce its side effects? What is its mechanism? This research will explore its mechanism.

Biomedical Dictionary


The Biomedical Dictionary is a comprehensive and professional collection of biological academic terms and subject datas.

All explanations are supported by authoritative books or high impact factor literatures, and you can acquire accurate explanations of the biomedical terms you want to know.

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