1. Literature


  • Exosomes: isolation, labeling and identification
    Exosomes are nano-sized biovesicles released into surrounding body fluids after the fusion of multivesicular bodies with the plasma membrane. In this article, we will briefly introduce isolation, labeling and identification of exosomes. And the specific application of exosomes will also be mentioned.
  • Cell Apoptosis/Methods for the detection of apoptosis
    Apoptosis is a form of programmed cell death. There are many methods to detect apoptosis which can roughly be divided into three categories: based on cell morphology, biological function and biochemical markers. Some of the most commonly employed assays are described in this article.
  • ROS Probes-All Eyes Are Focused Here!
    In this article, we will introduce different ROS probes: ROS probe H2DCFDA, •O2 probes HKSOX-1 and HKSOX-1r, and H2O2 probe HKPerox-2. Here we will explains the protocol to use these probes, additionally, some case study for probe usage are listed.

Biomedical Dictionary


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