1. Dye Reagents

Dye Reagents

A dye is a colored substance that has an affinity to the substrate to which it is being applied.

A new approach is presented for analysis of microplastics in environmental samples, based on selective fluorescent staining using Nile Red (NR), followed by density-based extraction and filtration. The dye adsorbs onto plastic surfaces and renders them fluorescent when irradiated with blue light. Fluorescence emission is detected using simple photography through an orange filter. Image-analysis allows fluorescent particles to be identified and counted. Magnified images can be recorded and tiled to cover the whole filter area, allowing particles down to a few micrometres to be detected. The solvatochromic nature of Nile Red also offers the possibility of plastic categorisation based on surface polarity characteristics of identified particles. This article details the development of this staining method and its initial cross-validation by comparison with infrared (IR) microscopy. Microplastics of different sizes could be detected and counted in marine sediment samples. The fluorescence staining identified the same particles as those found by scanning a filter area with IR-microscopy.

Cyanine dyes can be used to quantify the amount of dsDNA within a sample. The linearity of fluorescence, as function of DNA amount of six dyes, is obtained by measuring the fluorescence intensity at the optimal excitation and emission maxima.

Dye Reagents (401):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-66021
    6-FAM 3301-79-9 99.40%
    6-FAM (6-Carboxyfluorescein) contains a carboxylic acid that can be used to react with primary amines via carbodiimide activation of the carboxylic acid.
  • HY-D0913
    1-Methyl-7-nitroisatoic anhydride 73043-80-8 ≥98.0%
    1-methyl-7-nitroisatoic anhydride (1M7) is a reagent that detects local nucleotide flexibility, for probing 2'-hydroxyl reactivity.
    1-Methyl-7-nitroisatoic anhydride
  • HY-D0723
    5(6)-TAMRA SE 246256-50-8
    5(6)-TAMRA SE is the amine-reactive, mixed isomer form of TAMRA, which is a dye for oligonucleotide labeling and automated DNA sequencing applications.
    5(6)-TAMRA SE
  • HY-15939
    6-FAM SE 92557-81-8
    6-FAM SE is another isomer of carboxyfluorescein.
    6-FAM SE
  • HY-D0049
    6-TAMRA-SE 150810-69-8
    6-TAMRA-SE (6-TAMRA-NHS ester) is a fluorescent dye carrying the amine reactive group. 6-TAMRA-SE is one of the traditional fluorophores used for automated DNA sequencing.
  • HY-D0784
    5-ROX 216699-35-3 98.55%
    5-ROX (5-Carboxy-X-rhodamine), a rhodamine dye, exhibits strong fluorescence property in aqueous buffer with the λexit of 580 nm (ε=3.6×104 M-1 cm-1), and λemit of 604 nm (ϕ=0.94).
  • HY-D0053
    6-ROX 194785-18-7 98.31%
    6-ROX is a fluorescent oligonucleotide marker, acts as an acceptor molecule coupled to 5-FAM as the donor in FRET imaging.
  • HY-D0043
    5(6)-ROX 198978-94-8
    5(6)-ROX is a nucleic acid fluorescent label which can be used as a reference dye for real-time polymerase chain reaction.