1. Application for Free Samples

Application for Free Samples

To allow more users to experience the products and services of MedChemExpress (MCE), we have launched a free sample trial campaign.


MedChemExpress (MCE) can provide most in-stock products as free samples (0.5-1 mg each). Simply submit the application by filling out the following form.

Once your application is reviewed, we will send you a confirmation letter and send you the specific product samples within a week.

In return, we ask for your feedback about our products and service.


1. Customers are responsible for shipping and handling charges (the reference transportation costs are about $35 to America and $85 to other countries.).

2. Each sample can only be applied for once, and customers are limited to three different samples per year.

3. Free sample program is intended for testing and research use only and may not be redistributed.

Application for Free Samples

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