1. Metabolomics Service

Metabolomics Service

In organisms, changes in gene expression and environmental factors eventually show up at the metabolic level. Metabolomics mainly detects the dynamic changes of small molecule metabolites (the molecular weight < 1,500 Da) in a certain period of time to find the relationship between metabolites and physiological or pathological changes.





MedChemExpress (MCE) provides high quality metabolomics service that enables customers to choose protocols flexibly. We focus on assisting your research by providing the best service at the best price.

Service Types

MCE provides two types of metabolomics services: untargeted metabolomics and targeted metabolomics.

Untargeted metabolomics Targeted metabolomics
Description Category Objective Service Content Delivery Content

Focus on complete detection and relative quantitation of small molecules in samples, to find the differential metabolites and analyze the correlation between these metabolites and physiological or pathological changes.

Focus on validation and absolute quantification of a specific metabolite. This method is always complementary to untargeted metabolomics.


SCFAs, FFA, CCM, PFCs, Amino acid, etc.

Discovery- Relative quantification of differential metabolites

Validation- Absolute quantification of differential metabolites

Sample process Test Data analysis

Original data & Bioinformatics report

Service Process

MCE provides a one-stop service from sample process to bioinformatics analysis. Customers can flexibly
choose services according to their own needs.

Untargeted metabolomics analysis process
Targeted metabolomics analysis process

Advanced equipment

AB Triple TOF 6600, etc.

Complete database resources

Including commercial databases
and self-built database

Professional consultation

Professional R & D team of
metabolomics technology

One-stop service

Sample process to Data Analysis
with High Cost-effective Service

Customer requirements
1. MCE can pre-process samples,the original samples are recommended.
2. Biological repetition: plants and microorganisms ≥ 6, animal samples ≥ 10, clinical samples ≥ 30. All samples will be analyzed independently.
3. For further requirements on sample delivery, please contact our technical staff.
Enough quantity

Tissue ≥ 200 mg

Urine ≥ 1 mL

Serum/Plasma ≥ 200 μL

Cell ≥ 1×107

Strict Temperature Control

Store at -80°C

LN2 Quenching

Operate on ice

Centrifuge at 4°C

Ensure Purity

Wash the aggradation

Wash the blood

Discard the supernatant

Discard the precipitation

Online Consulting
The corresponding scheme and price for Metabolomics Service shall be determined after evaluation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email [email protected].