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Ubiquitin or ubiquitin-like proteins (UBLs) carboxyl termini are attached to other proteins, or in some cases lipids, generally through E1-E2-E3 multienzyme cascades. The E1 activating enzymes (ubiquitin-activating enzyme) serve to activate ubiquitin/UBLs through C-terminal adenylation and thiol transfer and to coordinate the utilization of ubiquitin/UBLs in specific downstream pathways by charging cognate E2 enzymes, which then interact with the downstream ubiquitylation machinery to coordinate modification of the target.  In humans, there are eight E1 activating enzymes are known so far, including canonical (UBA1, UBA6, UBA7, SAE, and NAE) and non-canonical (UBA4, UBA5, and ATG7) E1 enzymes.

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