1. Recombinant Proteins
  2. Receptor Proteins
  3. Nuclear receptor superfamily
  4. NR0 subfamily

The NR0 subfamily is composed of atypical, highly divergent members of the nuclear receptor superfamily that lack of either a LBD (NR0A) or a DBD (NR0B). The NR0 subfamily consists of knirps like (knirps, knirpsrelated, embryonic gonad protein, ODR7, trithorax) and DAX like (DAX, SHP), or dividing NR0 into NR7: knirps like and NR8: DAX like. NR0A group members are previously known to exist only in insects. The NR0B, DAX-1 and SHP homologues are present throughout vertebrates that both have important but distinct functions in metabolic and reproductive processes and share common mechanisms of gene regulation.