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  • HY-105099

    KRM-1648; ABI-1648

    DNA/RNA Synthesis Bacterial Infection Inflammation/Immunology
    Rifalazil (KRM-1648; ABI-1648), a rifamycin derivative, inhibits the bacterial DNA-dependent RNA polymerase and kills bacterial cells by blocking off the β-subunit in RNA polymerase. Rifalazil (KRM-1648; ABI-1648) is an antibiotic, exhibits high potency against mycobacteria, gram-positive bacteria, Helicobacter pyloriC. pneumoniae and C. trachomatis with MIC values from 0.00025 to 0.0025 μg/ml. Rifalazil (KRM-1648; ABI-1648) has the potential for the treatment of Chlamydia infection, Clostridium difficile associated diarrhea (CDAD), and tuberculosis (TB).