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  • HY-124717

    Endogenous Metabolite Others
    YC-001 is an inverse agonist and antagonist of rod opsin. YC-001 reversibly binds rod opsin and stabilizes the rod opsin structure. YC-001 protects mice from bright light-induced retinal degeneration. YC-001 has the potential for the research of retinal degeneration.
  • HY-101446

    Trk Receptor ERK Apoptosis Neurological Disease
    HIOC is a potent and selective activator of TrkB (tropomyosin related kinase B) receptor. HIOC can pass the blood-brain and blood-retinal barriers.HIOC activates TrkB/ERK pathway and decreases neuronal cell apoptosis. HIOC attenuates early brain injury after SAH (subarachnoid hemorrhage). HIOC shows protective activity in an animal model for light-induced retinal degeneration.
  • HY-136234

    Others Others
    9-cis-β-Carotene, a precursor of retinal, is cleaved by beta-carotene oxygenase 1 (BCMO1) to produce 9-cis-retinal. 9-cis-β-Carotene inhibits photoreceptor degeneration and restores retinal function in vivo. 9-cis-β-Carotene has the potential for the study of congenital stationary night blindness and fundus albipunctatus.
  • HY-N7270

    Others Inflammation/Immunology
    Apigenin-7-diglucuronide is a flavonoid glycoside and is present in an assortment of medicinal plants with anti-inflammatory or ant-oxidant activities. Apigenin-7-diglucuronide protects retinas against bright light-induced photoreceptor degeneration through the inhibition of retinal oxidative stress and inflammation.