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  • HY-W039911
    4-Nitrophenyl α-D-galactopyranoside

    PNP-alpha-D-Gal; PNP-α-D-Gal

    Enzyme Substrates
    4-Nitrophenyl α-D-galactopyranoside (PNP-alpha-D-Gal) is an artificial substrate of 4-nitrophenyl (pNP) glycopyranoside for detecting α-galactosidase activity. The amount of released pNP is significantly increased when 4-Nitrophenyl α-D-galactopyranoside is used as substrates.
  • HY-15927

    4-nitrophenyl β-D-glucopyranoside

    Enzyme Substrates
    PNPG(4-Nitrophenyl-β-D- glucopyranoside) is a chromogenic β-D-glucosidase substrate, producing a yellow solution upon cleavage.
  • HY-15911

    2-Chloro-4-nitrophenyl α-L-fucopyranoside

    Enzyme Substrates
    CNP-AFU (2-Chloro-4-nitrophenyl α-L-fucopyranoside) is a substrate for alpha-L-fucosidase(AFU).
  • HY-D0183

    Enzyme Substrates
    ATP-polyamine-biotin, the first cell-permeable ATP analogue, is an efficient kinase cosubstrate. ATP-polyamine-biotin promotes biotin labeling of kinase substrates in live cells.
  • HY-125501
    Biotin-XX hydrazide


    Biochemical Assay Reagents
    Biotin-XX hydrazide (Biotin-(AC5)2-hydrazide) is a carbonyl-reactive biotinylation reagent which contains two aminohexanoic acid spacers. Biotin-XX hydrazide has higher efficiency of avidin-binding.
  • HY-100894

    Cell Assay Reagents
    Biotin-VAD-FMK is a cell permeable, irreversible biotin-labeled caspase inhibitor, used to identify active caspases in cell lysates.
  • HY-D0980

    Biotinyl-3,6-dioxaoctanediamine; EZ-Link Amine-PEO2-Biotin

    Biochemical Assay Reagents
    Biotin-DADOO is a biotinylation reagent, which can be used to synthesize a biotin-estradiol conjugate (i.e., biotin-DADOO-estradiol) to develop a direct, broad range enzyme immunoassay to measure plasma estradiol concentrations.
  • HY-100215
    Biotin Hydrazide

    Biochemical Assay Reagents
    Biotin Hydrazide is a carbonyl-reactive biotinylation reagent, which is a carbonyl probe.
  • HY-129832


    Biochemical Assay Reagents
    Biotin-azide (N-(3-Azidopropyl)biotinamide) is a form of biotin with a terminal azide group. Biotin-azide can be used to prepare various biotinylated conjugates via Click Chemistry.
  • HY-101885
    Biotin LC hydrazide

    Biotinamidocaproyl hydrazide; BACH; (+)-Biotinamidohexanoic Acid hydrazide; Biotin Aminocaproyl Hydrazide

    Biochemical Assay Reagents
    Biotin LC hydrazide is a long chain protein modification reagent, which can transform periodate-oxidized glycoproteins.
  • HY-131455A
    Biotin-C1-PEG3-C3-amido-C5-Gly-Arg-Gly-N3 TFA

    Biochemical Assay Reagents
    Biotin-C1-PEG3-C3-amido-C5-Gly-Arg-Gly-N3 TFA is used for detection of modification site for N-myristoylated and GPI-anchored proteins in blood-stage P. falciparum.
  • HY-135087
    Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride

    Biochemical Assay Reagents
    Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride is the triglycerides and esters prepared from fractionated vegetable oil sources and fatty acids from coconuts and palm kernel oils. Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride possesses excellent oxidation stability. Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride is used as a food additive and used in cosmetics.