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Targets Recommended: CRISPR/Cas9
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  • HY-108256
    Melitracen hydrochloride

    5-HT Receptor Neurological Disease
    Melitracen hydrochloride is an orally active biphasic antidepressant and antianxiety agent. Melitracen hydrochloride can inhibit the uptake of Norepinephrine and 5-HT (serotonin) through the presynaptic membrane inducing the increase of monoamine transmitters in synaptic space.
  • HY-121778

    Melitracene; N 7001; Trausabun

    Others Neurological Disease
    Melitracen (Melitracene) is an orally active tricyclic antidepressant and it is also a bipolar thymoleptic with activating properties. Melitracen inhibits 3H-5-HT and 14H-5-HT with IC50s of 670 nM and 5500 nM, respectively. Melitracen can be used for the research of depression and anxiety.