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Cat. No. Product Name Target Research Area
  • HY-P2026
    A 71915

    Peptides Cardiovascular Disease
    A 71915 is a highly potent and competitive natriuretic peptide receptor A (ANP, NPRA) antagonist (pKi= 9.18). A 71915 displaces [ 125I]ANP dose dependently, with a Ki of 0.65 nM. A71915( pA2= 9.48) against rat ANP-induced cGMP production in NB-OK-1 cells.
  • HY-P1980
    A-71915 TFA

    Peptides Metabolic Disease
    A-71915 (TFA) is a selective inhibitor of ANP receptor (atrial natriuretic peptide-receptor), induces apoptosis and decreases insulin secretion in RINm5F pancreatic β-cells.