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  • HY-P0037

    Org 30850ANT

    Others GnRH Receptor Endocrinology
    Org-30850 is a potent LHRH antagonist designed for treating hormone-dependent disorders. In animal studies, a single subcutaneous dose effectively inhibited ovulation in rats and significantly reduced testosterone levels in male rats for up to 48 hours post-administration. Daily doses of Org-30850 in female rats suppressed estrous cycles, decreased uterine and ovarian weights, and lowered estradiol and FSH serum levels. In male rats, prolonged treatment resulted in reversible reductions in gonadal function and testosterone levels, with almost complete recovery observed after cessation of treatment. Unlike comparable LHRH antagonists, Org-30850 exhibited minimal injection site irritation and no edematous reactions, suggesting a more favorable therapeutic profile .

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