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2-Quinoxalinecarboxylic acid-d4

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  • HY-W002071S
    2-Quinoxalinecarboxylic acid-d4
    2-Quinoxalinecarboxylic acid-d4 is the deuterium labeled Fmoc-Pro-OH.
  • HY-W016099S
    3-Methyl-2-quinoxalinecarboxylic acid-d4
    3-Methylquinoxaline-2-carboxylic acid-d4 (MQCA-d4) is the deuterium labeled 3-Methyl-2-quinoxalinecarboxylic acid. 3-Methyl-2-quinoxalinecarboxylic acid (MQCA), an important N-oxide reductive metabolite of Quinocetone or Olaquindox, potently inhibits the growth of Chang liver cells through S phase arrest of the cell cycle.