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  • HY-101034


    Bcr-Abl c-Kit Apoptosis PDGFR Discoidin Domain Receptor Cancer
    CHMFL-ABL/KIT-155 (CHMFL-ABL-KIT-155; compound 34) is a highly potent and orally active type II ABL/c-KIT dual kinase inhibitor (IC50s of 46 nM and 75 nM, respectively), and it also presents significant inhibitory activities to BLK (IC50=81 nM), CSF1R (IC50=227 nM), DDR1 (IC50=116 nM), DDR2 (IC50=325 nM), LCK (IC50=12 nM) and PDGFRβ (IC50=80 nM) kinases. CHMFL-ABL/KIT-155 (CHMFL-ABL-KIT-155) arrests cell cycle progression and induces apoptosis.