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  • HY-W010713

    Fimaporfin free base

    Others Cancer
    Meso-tetraphenylchlorin (TPCS2a) is a photosensitizer with poor water solubility, which limits its use in the blood circulation. However, TPCS2a@NPs nanoparticles can be prepared based on polylactic-co-polyethylene glycol acid (PLGA) polymer core loaded with TPCS2. Such nanoparticles can be coated with mesenchymal stem cell-derived plasma membranes (mMSCs) to form mMSC-TPCS2a@NPs, which prolongs blood circulation time and improves tumor targeting ability. Compared with uncoated TPCS2a@NPs, mMSC-TPCS2a@NPs can reduce macrophage uptake by 54% to 70% under different conditions. Both nanoparticle forms are effectively accumulated in MCF7 and MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells, while uptake in normal breast epithelial cells MCF10A is significantly lower .

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