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  • HY-B2227
    4 Publications Verification

    Lactic acid

    Endogenous Metabolite Metabolic Disease Inflammation/Immunology Cancer
    Lactate (Lactic acid) is a hydroxycarboxylic acid receptor 1 (HCAR1) activator and an epigenetic modulator inducing lysine residues lactylation. Lactate is a glycolysis end-product, bridging the gap between glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation. Lactate is an oncometabolite and has immune protective role of lactate in anti-tumor immunity .
  • HY-B2227A
    Lactate calcium
    4 Publications Verification

    Lactic acid calcium

    Bacterial Cancer
    Lactate (Lactic acid) calcium is used by the beverage industry as a source of calcium to fortify fruit juice. Lactate calcium facilitates the growth and phytic acid degradation of soybean sprouts .
    Lactate calcium
  • HY-B2227B
    Lactate sodium
    4 Publications Verification

    Lactic acid sodium

    Bacterial Metabolic Disease
    Lactate (Lactic acid) sodium is the product of glycogenolysis and glycolysis . Lactate (Lactic acid) sodium is an organic salt that is mainly used as a buffer and pH adjuster for injection solutions. Lactate sodium can be metabolized by the body into sodium bicarbonate, which in turn acts to increase the pH of the blood. Lactate sodium is used to improve metabolic acidosis and hypovolemic states. In terms of pharmaceutical preparations, Lactate sodium is often used in combination with sodium chloride, glucose, etc. to form normal saline or compound liquid intravenous injection . Lactate sodium also has antimicrobial activity, which can be used as a food preservative .
    Lactate sodium
  • HY-B2227C

    Lactic acid potassium

    Bacterial Infection Others
    Lactate (Lactic acid) potassium is used as a sodium chloride substitute in the elaboration of dry meat products. Lactate potassium (56%) and sodium diacetate (4%) mixture inhibit the development of L. sake and L. monocytogenes bacteria at 4℃ to extend the shelf life of food .
    Lactate potassium

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