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  • HY-155297


    Histamine Receptor Cardiovascular Disease
    Nebidrazine is a centrally-acting hypotensive agent compared to clonidine, demonstrating weaker cardiovascular effects in rats. It induces dose-dependent hypotension and bradycardia when administered intracerebroventricularly (i.c.v.), with significantly lower sedative potential than clonidine in conscious rats. Yohimbine attenuates the cardiovascular effects of both Nebidrazine and clonidine, suggesting involvement of central alpha-autoreceptors sensitive to yohimbine. Unlike clonidine, Nebidrazine does not affect peripheral alpha-adrenoceptors in pithed rats, indicating a selective central mechanism. Chemical sympathectomy reduces Nebidrazine's cardiovascular effects more than clonidine's, and metiamide diminishes responses to both drugs, implicating central histamine receptors. These findings highlight Nebidrazine's distinct pharmacological profile and potential therapeutic application in managing hypertension through central alpha-autoreceptor stimulation .

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