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Fluorescent Dye

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  • HY-D0023
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    HPTS; Solvent Green 7

    Fluorescent Dye Others
    Pyranine (HPTS; Solvent Green 7) is a pH-sensitive fluorescent indicator. Pyranine acts as a class of fluorescent chemosensor for the Cu + ion(λex=450 nm, λem=510 nm) .
  • HY-D0023A

    HPTS hydrate; Solvent Green 7 hydrate

    Fluorescent Dye Others
    Pyranine (hydrate) (HPTS (hydrate); Solvent Green 7 (hydrate)) is a multifunctional dye. Dyes are important tools in biological experiments. They can help researchers observe and analyze cell structures, track biomolecules, evaluate cell functions, distinguish cell types, detect biomolecules, study tissue pathology and monitor microorganisms. Their applications range from basic scientific research to clinical A wide range of diagnostics. Dyes are also widely used in traditional fields such as textile dyeing, as well as in emerging fields such as functional textile processing, food pigments and dye-sensitized solar cells.
    Pyranine hydrate

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