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Targets Recommended: p38 MAPK

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  • HY-100490B
    Rilmenidine phosphate

    Imidazoline Receptor Adrenergic Receptor Apoptosis Autophagy Cardiovascular Disease
    Rilmenidine phosphate, an antihypertensive agent, is an orally active, selective I1 imidazoline receptor agonist. Rilmenidine phosphate acts both centrally by reducing sympathetic overactivity and in the kidney by inhibiting the Na+/H+ antiport. Rilmenidine phosphate induces autophagy. Rilmenidine phosphate is also an alpha 2-adrenoceptor agonist. Rilmenidine phosphate modulates proliferation and stimulates the proapoptotic protein Bax thus inducing the perturbation of the mitochondrial pathway and apoptosis in human leukemic K562 cells.