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Targets Recommended: CRISPR/Cas9

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  • HY-101995


    Estrogen Receptor/ERR Cannabinoid Receptor Cancer Metabolic Disease Inflammation/Immunology
    Ridaifen-B (RID-B) is a potent antagonist of estrogen receptor α (ERα) with IC50 of 52.4 nM, a tamoxifen (HY-13757A) derivative. Ridaifen-B is a high affinity, selective, inverse agonist at CB2 receptor (Ki=43.7 nM) over 17 folds CB1 receptor (Ki=732 nM). Ridaifen-B modulates G-protein (IC50=300 nM) and adenylyl cyclase activity with potency values predicted by CB2 affinity (IC50=134 nM). Ridaifen-B has anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and anti-osteoclastogenic effects.