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  • HY-P0004

    Lysine vasopressin; [Lys8]-Vasopressin

    Others Others
    Lysipressin is Antidiuretic hormone that have been found in pigs and some marsupial families. Induces contraction of the rabbit urinary bladder smooth muscle, activate adenylate-cyclase.
  • HY-15371

    Coleonol; Colforsin

    Adenylate Cyclase FXR Autophagy Cancer Endocrinology Metabolic Disease Inflammation/Immunology
    Forskolin (Coleonol) is a potent adenylate cyclase activator with an IC50 of 41 nM and an EC50 of 0.5 μM for type I adenylyl cyclase. Forskolin is also an inducer of intracellular cAMP formation. Forskolin induces differentiation of various cell types and activates pregnane X receptor (PXR) and FXR. Forskolin exerts a inotropic effect on the heart, and has platelet antiaggregatory and antihypertensive actions. Forskolin also induces autophagy.
  • HY-P1446
    Cholera toxin


    Adenylate Cyclase Inflammation/Immunology
    Cholera toxin (Choleragen), an AB(5)-subunit toxin, enters host cells by binding the ganglioside GM1 at the plasma membrane (PM) and travels retrograde through the trans-Golgi Network into the endoplasmic reticulum (ER). Choleragen activates adenylate cyclase by catalyzing ADP-ribosylation of Gs alpha, the stimulatory guanine nucleotide-binding protein.
  • HY-103193

    Colforsin dapropate hydrochloride

    Adenylate Cyclase Cardiovascular Disease
    NKH477 (Colforsin dapropate hydrochloride) is a novel water-soluble forskolin derivative that improves cardiac failure mainly through its beneficial effects on diastolic cardiac function. NKH477 directly activates the catalytic unit of adenylate cyclase and increases intracellular cAMP. NKH477 exerts an antiproliferative effect in vivo with an altered cytokine profile to inhibit the acute rejection of rat orthotopic lung allografts.