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  • HY-L161
    827 compounds

    Cytokines are a kind of low molecular soluble proteins synthesized and secreted by immunogen, mitogen or other factors. They have functions of regulating innate and adaptive immune responses, promoting hematopoiesis, stimulating cell activation, proliferation and differentiation. The process of releasing a large number of cytokines is also called “Cytokine storm”, which can cause damage to many tissues and organs in the body. Cytokine is involved in the pathogenesis of many human diseases, including cancer, diabetes, chronic inflammatory diseases and so on. Cytokine inhibitors are a class of essential compounds that act by directly inhibiting the synthesis and release of cytokine or blocking the binding of cytokine to their receptors. Cytokine inhibitors are important compounds for the study of tumor and autoimmune diseases.

    MCE designs a unique collection of 827 cytokine inhibitors, mainly targeting the receptor interleukin (IL), colony-stimulating factor (CSF), interferon (IFN), tumor necrosis factor (TNF), growth factor (GF) and chemokine, which is an effective tool for development and research of anti-cancer, anti-chronic inflammatory diseases and anti-autoimmune diseases compounds.

  • HY-L158
    4,694 compounds

    According to reports, most known kinase inhibitors exert their effects through competitive binding in highly conserved ATP pockets. Although genetic techniques such as RNA interference can inactivate specific genes, most kinases are multi domain proteins, each of which has an independent function. Highly selective inhibitors have higher efficiency than non-selective inhibitors, and the selectivity to the target is at least 100 times higher. Therefore, ensuring the validation of targets with the most selective inhibitors is crucial for a more thorough understanding of the pharmacology of the kinase field. The Highly Selective Inhibitors Library contains 4,694 compounds, covering multiple targets and subtypes, such as GPCR protein family, Ion channel, multiple kinases, etc. The Highly Selective Inhibitors Library is an effective tool for screening different phenotypes

  • HY-L0118V
    8 compounds

    A unique set of molecules containing mild electrophilic moieties that covalently interact with amino acid residues in the target protein. The diversity of our compounds for covalent drug discovery ranges from natural product-like scaffolds to macrocycles, creating multiple opportunities in hit generation for a selected target.

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