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  • HY-10971

    MLN 8237

    Aurora Kinase Autophagy Apoptosis Cancer
    Alisertib (MLN 8237) is an orally active and selective Aurora A kinase inhibitor (IC50=1.2 nM), which binds to Aurora A kinase resulting in mitotic spindle abnormalities, mitotic accumulation. Alisertib (MLN 8237) induces apoptosis and autophagy through targeting the AKT/mTOR/AMPK/p38 pathway in leukemic cells. Antitumor activity.
  • HY-141512

    PROTAC Aurora Kinase Cancer
    JB170 is a potent and highly specific PROTAC-mediated AURORA-A degrader (DC50=28 nM) by linking Alisertib, to the CEREBLON-binding molecule Thalidomide. JB170 preferentially binds AURORA-A (EC50=193 nM) over AURORA-B (EC50=1.4 µM). JB170-mediated S-phase arrest is caused specifically by AURORA-A depletion. JB170 has excellent ability to inhibit non-catalytic function of AURORA-A kinase.