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  • HY-130293

    ADC Linker Cancer
    Propargyl-PEG4-CH2CH2-Boc is a PEG- and Alkyl/ether-based non-cleavable ADC linker. Propargyl-PEG5-Boc can used to synthesize ADC inhibitors of Galectin-3.
  • HY-W008296

    PROTAC Linker Cancer
    NH2-C6-NH-Boc is a PROTAC linker which refers to the alkyl/ether composition. NH2-C6-NH-Boc can be used in the synthesis the Mcl-1 inhibitor based on PROTAC.
  • HY-130985

    PROTAC Linker Cancer
    9-Decyn-1-ol is an alkyl/ether-based PROTAC linker that can be used in the synthesis of PROTACs. 9-Decyn-1-ol can be used to conjugate GDC-0068 with Lenalidomide to generate INY-03-041. INY-03-041 is a potent, highly selective and PROTAC-based pan-Akt degrader. INY-03-041 inhibits Akt1, Akt2 and Akt3 with IC50s of 2.0 nM, 6.8 nM and 3.5 nM, respectively.