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  • HY-12111

    Androgen Receptor Endocrinology
    BMS-564929 is an androgen receptor (AR) agonist, binds to androgen receptor (AR) with a Ki of 2.11±0.16 nM.
  • HY-107480

    Androgen Receptor Metabolic Disease
    YK11 is a partial agonist of androgen receptor, with osteogenic activity.
  • HY-105634A
    Nomegestrol acetate

    Progesterone Receptor Endocrinology
    Nomegestrol acetate is a potent, highly selective progestogen, which is characterized as a full agonist at the progesterone receptor, with no or minimal binding to other steroid receptors, including the androgen and glucocorticoid receptors.
  • HY-110028
    Leelamine hydrochloride

    Cannabinoid Receptor Fatty Acid Synthase (FASN) Androgen Receptor Cancer Endocrinology
    Leelamine hydrochloride is a tricyclic diterpene molecule that is extracted from the bark of pine trees. Leelamine hydrochloride is a cannabinoid receptor type 1 (CB1) agonist and a inhibitor of SREBP1-regulated fatty acid/lipid synthesis in prostate cancer cells that is not affected by androgen receptor status. Leelamine hydrochloride suppresses transcriptional activity of androgen receptor, which is known to regulate fatty acid synthesis[2,3].
  • HY-135794

    11-KDHT; 5α-Dihydro-11-keto testosterone

    Androgen Receptor Endocrinology
    11-Ketodihydrotestosterone (11-KDHT; 5α-Dihydro-11-keto testosterone) is an endogenous steroid and a metabolite of 11β-Hydroxyandrostenedione. 11-Ketodihydrotestosterone is an active androgen and is also a potent androgen receptor (AR) agonist with a Ki of 20.4 nM and an EC50 of 1.35 nM for human AR. 11-Ketodihydrotestosterone drives gene regulation, protein expression and cell growth in androgen-dependent prostate cancer cells.
  • HY-12023


    Androgen Receptor Cancer
    GTx-007 (S-4) is an orally active and selective nonsteroidal androgen receptor (AR) modulator (SARM) and a partial agonist, with Ki of 4 nM. GTx-007 (S-4) is identified as SARMs with potent and tissue-selective in vivo pharmacological activity.
  • HY-116214

    Fungal Androgen Receptor Infection Endocrinology
    Cyprodinil is an anilinopyrimidine broad-spectrum fungicide that inhibits the biosynthesis of methionine in phytopathogenic fungi. Cyprodinil inhibits mycelial cell growth of B. cinerea, P. herpotrichoides, and H. oryzae on amino acid-free media (IC50s=0.44, 4.8, and 0.03 µM, respectively). Cyprodinil acts as an androgen receptor (AR) agonist (EC50=1.91 µM) in the absence of the AR agonist DHT and inhibits the androgenic effect of DHT (IC50=15.1 µM).