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  • HY-P1486
    Angiotensinogen (1-14), human

    Endogenous Metabolite Cardiovascular Disease
    Angiotensinogen (1-14), human is a fragment of the renin substrate angiotensinogen. Angiotensinogen is naturally occurring substrate for renin and a precursor for all angiotensin peptides.
  • HY-P1486A
    Angiotensinogen (1-14), human TFA

    Endogenous Metabolite Cardiovascular Disease
    Angiotensinogen (1-14), human TFA is a fragment of the renin substrate angiotensinogen. Angiotensinogen is naturally occurring substrate for renin and a precursor for all angiotensin peptides.
  • HY-U00439
    Protein kinase inhibitors 1

    DYRK Cancer
    Protein kinase inhibitors 1 is a novel inhibitor of HIPK2 with an IC50 of 74 nM and Kd of 9.5 nM.
  • HY-U00262
    ACT 178882

    Renin Metabolic Disease
    ACT 178882 is a new Renin inhibitor with an IC50 of 1.4 nM.
  • HY-12176

    CGP 60536; CGP60536B; SPP 100

    Renin Autophagy Cardiovascular Disease Cancer
    Aliskiren(CGP 60536) is a direct renin inhibitor with IC50 of 1.5 nM.
  • HY-12177
    Aliskiren hemifumarate

    CGP 60536 hemifumarate; CGP60536B hemifumarate; SPP 100 hemifumarate

    Renin Autophagy Cardiovascular Disease Cancer
    Aliskiren hemifumarate(CGP 60536 hemifumarate) is a direct renin inhibitor with IC50 of 1.5 nM.
  • HY-50768

    Renin Cardiovascular Disease
    VTP-27999 is an alkyl amine Renin inhibitor; VTP-27999 is useful for Hypertension and End-Organ Diseases.
  • HY-76652
    VTP-27999 Hydrochloride

    Renin Cardiovascular Disease
    VTP-27999 Hcl is an alkyl amine Renin inhibitor; VTP-27999 is useful for Hypertension and End-Organ Diseases.
  • HY-12176AS
    Aliskiren D6 Hydrochloride

    CGP 60536 D6 Hydrochloride; CGP60536B D6 Hydrochloride; SPP 100 D6 Hydrochloride

    Renin Cardiovascular Disease Cancer
    Aliskiren D6 Hydrochloride (CGP 60536 D6 Hydrochloride) is is deuterium labeled Aliskiren, which is a direct renin inhibitor with IC50 of 1.5 nM.
  • HY-50769
    VTP-27999 TFA

    Renin Cardiovascular Disease
    VTP-27999 TFA is an alkyl amine Renin inhibitor; VTP-27999 TFA is useful for Hypertension and End-Organ Diseases.
  • HY-N2115
    Araloside A

    Chikusetsusaponin IV

    Renin Cardiovascular Disease
    Araloside A (Chikusetsusaponin IV) is a component of Panax japonicus, with low-renin-inhibitory activity, with an IC50 of 77.4 μM.
  • HY-131005
    Ehp inhibitor 2

    Ephrin Receptor Cancer
    Ehp inhibitor 2 is a Eph family tyrosine kinase inhibitor.
  • HY-P0205B
    Saralasin TFA

    [Sar1,Ala8] Angiotensin II TFA

    Angiotensin Receptor Cardiovascular Disease
    Saralasin ([Sar1,Ala8] Angiotensin II) TFA is a competitive angiotensin II antagonist. Saralasin TFA is used to identify renin-dependent (angiotensinogenic) hypertension.
  • HY-12177S
    Aliskiren D6 hemifumarate

    CGP 60536 D6 hemifumarate; CGP60536B D6 hemifumarate; SPP 100 D6 hemifumarate

    Renin Autophagy Cancer Cardiovascular Disease
    Aliskiren D6 hemifumarate (CGP 60536 D6 hemifumarate) is a deuterium labeled Aliskiren hemifumarate. Aliskiren hemifumarate is a direct and orally active renin inhibitor with an IC50 of 1.5 nM.
  • HY-121879

    Phosphatase Cancer
    SHP836 is a SHP2 allosteric inhibitor, with an IC50 of 12 μM for the full length SHP2.
  • HY-19373


    Thrombin Factor Xa Cardiovascular Disease
    RWJ-445167 (3DP-10017) is a dual inhibitor of thrombin and factor Xa with Ki of 4.0 nM and 230 nM, respectively, exhibiting potent antithrombotic activity.
  • HY-16787

    Sodium Channel Cardiovascular Disease
    ICA-121431 is a nanomolar potent and broad-spectrum voltage-gated sodium channel (Nav) blocker, shows equipotent selectivity for human Nav1.1 and Nav1.3 subtypes with IC50 values of 13 nM and 23 nM, respectively. ICA-121431 shows less potent inhibition of Nav1.2 (IC50=240 nM) and 1,000 fold selectivity against Nav1.4, Nav1.6, and the TTX-resistant human Nav1.5 and Nav1.8 channels (IC50s >10 µM).
  • HY-113313

    Endogenous Metabolite Cardiovascular Disease
    Aldosterone is the primary mineralocorticoid. Aldosterone is a steroid hormone, and it is synthesized and secreted in response to renin-angiotensin system activation (RAS) or high dietary potassium by the zona glomerulosa (ZG) of the adrenal cortex. Aldosterone activity is dependent by the binding and activation of the cytoplasmic/nuclear mineralocorticoid receptor (MR) at cellular level.
  • HY-U00439A
    Protein kinase inhibitors 1 hydrochloride

    (E)-5-((2-Oxo-6'-(piperazin-1-yl)-1,2-dihydro-[3,3'-bipyridin]-5-yl)methylene)thiazolidine-2,4-dione hydrochloride

    DYRK Cancer
    Protein kinase inhibitors 1 hydrochloride is a potent HIPK2 inhibitor, with IC50s of 136 and 74 nM for HIPK1 and HIPK2, and a Kd of 9.5 nM for HIPK2.
  • HY-W012037
    8-Hydroxyquinoline hemisulfate

    8-Quinolinol hemisulfate

    Bacterial Antibiotic Infection
    8-Hydroxyquinoline hemisulfate (8-Quinolinol hemisulfate) is a monoprotic bidentate chelating agent, exhibits antiseptic, disinfectant, and pesticide properties, functioning as a transcription inhibitor.
  • HY-135813

    Bacterial Infection
    LtaS-IN-1 (compound 1771) is a potent small-molecule inhibitor of Lipoteichoic acid (LTA) synthesis in multidrug-resistant (MDR) E. faecium and by altering the cell wall morphology. LtaS-IN-1 alone inhibits Enterococcus.spp 28 strains with varying MIC values ranging from 0.5 μg/mL to 64 μg/mL. LtaS-IN-1 combination with antibiotics abolishs multidrug-resistant E. faecium growth almost completely.
  • HY-125957
    A-3 hydrochloride

    PKA Casein Kinase CaMK PKC Others
    A-3 hydrochloride is a potent, cell-permeable, reversible, ATP-competitive non-selective antagonist of various kinases. It against PKA (Ki=4.3 µM), casein kinase II (Ki=5.1 µM) and myosin light chain kinase (MLCK) (Ki=7.4 µM). A-3 hydrochloride also inhibits PKC and casein kinase I with Ki values of 47 µM and 80 µM, respectively.
  • HY-10472

    Beta-secretase Neurological Disease
    LY2811376 is the first orally available non-peptidic β-secretase (BACE1) inhibitor with IC50 of 239 nM-249 nM, that acts to decrease Aβ secretion with EC50 of 300 nM, and demonstrates to have 10-fold selectivity towards BACE1 over BACE2, and more than 50-fold inhibition over other aspartic proteases including cathepsin D, pepsin, or renin.
  • HY-13240

    Beta-secretase Neurological Disease
    LY2886721 is a potent, selective and orally active beta-site amyloid precursor protein cleaving enzyme 1 (BACE1) inhibitor with an IC50 of 20.3 nM for recombinant human BACE1. LY2886721 is selectivity against cathepsin D, pepsin, and renin, but lacking selectivity against BACE2 (IC50 of 10.2 nM). LY2886721 can across blood-brain barrier and has the potential for Alzheimer's disease treatment.
  • HY-101918
    DS-1040 Tosylate

    Others Cardiovascular Disease
    DS-1040 Tosylate is an orally active, selective inhibitor of activated thrombin-activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor (TAFIa) with IC50s of 5.92 nM and 8.01 nM for human and rat TAFIa. DS-1040 Tosylate is a fibrinolysis enhancer for thromboembolic diseases.
  • HY-18728

    GLUT Autophagy Cancer
    STF-31 is a selective inhibitor of glucose transporter 1 (GLUT1), with an IC50 of 1μM[1][2].
  • HY-15583
    Auristatin F

    Microtubule/Tubulin ADC Cytotoxin Cancer
    Auristatin F is a potent cytotoxin. Auristatin F, a potent microtubule inhibitor and vascular damaging agent (VDA), can be used in antibody-drug conjugates (ADC).
  • HY-12765
    Losartan Carboxylic Acid

    E-3174; EXP-3174

    Angiotensin Receptor Cardiovascular Disease
    Losartan Carboxylic Acid (E-3174), an active carboxylic acid metabolite of Losartan, is an angiotensin II receptor type 1 (AT1) antagonist. The Ki values are 0.97, 0.57, 0.67 nM for rat AT1B/AT1A and human AT1, respectively. Losartan Carboxylic Acid blocks the angiotensin II-induced responses in vascular smoothmuscle cells (VSMC). Losartan Carboxylic Acid elevates plasma renin activities and reduces mean arterial pressure.
  • HY-128850

    N-Acetylmannosamine; ManNAc

    Bacterial Neurological Disease
    N-Acetyl-D-mannosamine (ManNAc) is an essential precursor of N-acetylneuraminic acid (NeuAc), the specific monomer of bacterial capsular polysialic acid (PA). N-Acetyl-D-mannosamine (ManNAc) can be metabolized by GNE and GlcNAc 2-epimerase (Renin binding protein, RnBP), into ManNAc-6-phosphate and GlcNAc, respectively.  N-Acetyl-d-mannosamine (ManNAc) and its derivatives activates hypocretin (HCRT) gene expression in the orexin neurons, providing a potential model for the testing of a therapy for neural disorders.
  • HY-122470

    Reverse Transcriptase HIV Infection
    Stampidine is a nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI) with potent and broad-spectrum anti-HIV activity. Stampidine inhibits the laboratory HIV-1 strain HTLVIIIB (B-envelope subtype) and primary clinical isolates with IC50s of 1 nM and 2 nM, respectively. Stampidine also inhibits NRTI-resistant primary clinical isolates and NNRTI-resistant clinical isolates with IC50s of 8.7 nM and 11.2 nM, respectively.
  • HY-11007

    Bcr-Abl SARS-CoV Cancer
    GNF-2 is a highly selective, allosteric, non-ATP competitive inhibitor of Bcr-Abl. GNF-2 inhibits Ba/F3.p210 proliferation with an IC50 of 138 nM .
  • HY-12403
    Angiotensin (1-7)


    Angiotensin Receptor Angiotensin-converting Enzyme (ACE) Inflammation/Immunology Cardiovascular Disease Endocrinology
    Angiotensin 1-7 (Ang-(1-7)) is a major active component of the renin-angiotensin system (RAS), produced from cleavage of Ang II by angiotensin-converting-enzyme type 2 (ACE2). Angiotensin 1-7 inhibits purified canine ACE activity (IC50=0.65 μM). Angiotensin 1-7 acts as a local synergistic modulator of kinin-induced vasodilation by inhibiting ACE and releasing nitric oxide. Angiotensin 1-7 blocks Ang II-induced smooth muscle cell proliferation and hypertrophy and shows antiangiogenic and growth-inhibitory effects on the endothelium. Angiotensin 1-7 shows anti-inflammatory activity .
  • HY-122872

    p38 MAPK Cancer
    MKK7-COV-9 is a potent and selective covalent inhibitor of MKK7 and targets a specific protein–protein interaction of MKK7. MKK7-COV-9 blocks primary B cell activation in response to LPS with an EC50 of 4.98 μM.
  • HY-120944

    MMP Inflammation/Immunology
    BAY-7598 is a potent, orally bioavailable, and selective MMP12 inhibitor probe with IC50s of 0.085, 0.67 and 1.1 nM for human MMP12, murine MMP12, and rat MMP12, respectively.