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Cat. No. Product Name Target Research Areas
  • HY-19778

    CFTR Autophagy Inflammation/Immunology
    (R)-BPO-27, the R enantiomer of BPO-27, is a potent, orally active and ATP-competitive CFTR inhibitor with an IC50 of 4 nM.
  • HY-15473


    IKK Cancer
    MLN120B (ML120B) is a potent, ATP competitive, and orally active inhibitor of IKKβ with an IC50 of 60 nM. MLN120B inhibits multiple myeloma cell growth in vitro and in vivo and also can be used for the research of rheumatoid arthritis.
  • HY-110150

    Others Cancer Inflammation/Immunology
    UNC3230 is a potent, selective and ATP-competitive PIP5K1C inhibitor with an IC50 of ~41 nM. UNC3230 also inhibits PIP4K2C and does not inhibit any of the other lipid kinases that regulate phosphoinositide levels. UNC3230 has antinociceptive and anticancer effects.
  • HY-100671

    Histone Acetyltransferase STAT Cancer Inflammation/Immunology
    L002 is a potent, cell permeable, reversible and specific acetyltransferase p300 (KAT3B) inhibitor with an IC50 of 1.98 μM. L002 binds the acetyl-CoA pocket and competitively inhibits the FATp300 catalytic domain, blocks histone acetylation and p53 acetylation, and inhibits STAT3 activation. L002 has the potential for hypertension‐induced cardiac hypertrophy and fibrogenesis treatment.