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  • HY-147945
    DNA gyrase B-IN-1

    DNA/RNA Synthesis Bacterial Infection
    DNA gyrase B-IN-1 (compound 13) is a potent DNA gyrase B inhibitor. DNA gyrase B-IN-1 shows inhibition of P. aeruginosa/i> DNA gyrase B, with an IC50 of 2.2 μM. DNA gyrase B-IN-1 has good binding affinity and stability.
  • HY-147646
    CDK1/Cyc B-IN-1

    CDK Apoptosis Cancer
    CDK1/Cyc B-IN-1 (Compound 5) is a selective CDK1/Cyc B complex inhibitor with an IC50 of 97 nM. CDK1/Cyc B-IN-1 triggers apoptosis and G2/M cell cycle arrest. CDK1/Cyc B-IN-1 shows broad-spectrum cytotoxic action against cancer cell lines.
  • HY-136556
    Factor B-IN-1

    Complement System Inflammation/Immunology
    Factor B-IN-1 is a Factor B inhibitor extracted from patent WO2013164802A1, Example 24.
  • HY-145695
    Dual AChE-MAO B-IN-1

    Cholinesterase (ChE) Monoamine Oxidase Neurological Disease
    Dual AChE-MAO B-IN-1 (compound 15) is an orally bioavailable CNS-permeant potent inhibitor of both human AChE (IC50=550 nM) and MAO B (IC50=8.2 nM). Dual AChE-MAO B-IN-1 behaves as a safe and metabolically stable neuroprotective agent, devoid of cytochrome liability.
  • HY-126246

    Phosphatase Cancer
    CDC25B-IN-1 (compound 4a) is a potent inhibitor of cell division cycle 25B (CDC25B) phosphatase, with a Ki of 8.5 μM. CDC25B-IN-1 potently inhibits cell proliferation and colony formation, causes an increase of the G2/M phase.
  • HY-142957

    Others Others
    NaPi2b-IN-1 is a potent and orally active inhibitor of sodium-dependent phosphate transport protein 2b (NaPi2b) with an IC50 of 64 nM. NaPi2b is primarily expressed in the small intestine, lungs, and testes and plays an important role in phosphate homeostasis. NaPi2b-IN-1 has the potential for the research of hyperphosphatemia.
  • HY-139560

    Others Cancer Inflammation/Immunology
    KDM2B-IN-1 is a histone demethylase (kdm2b) inhibitor and can be used for hyperproliferative diseases research.
  • HY-10704

    PTP1B inhibitor

    Phosphatase Metabolic Disease
    PTP1B-IN-1 is a potent protein tyrosine phosphatase-1B (PTP1B) inhibitor with IC50 of 1.6 mM; 1,2,5-thiadiazolidin-3-one-1,1-dioxide scaffold for derivatives synthesis.