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  • HY-128342
    Complement C5-IN-1

    Complement System Inflammation/Immunology
    Complement C5-IN-1 (Compound 7) is a small-molecule inhibitor of complement component 5 protein (C5). Complement C5-IN-1 interacts with C5 to prevent its cleavage by the C5 convertase and blocks zymosan-induced the membrane-attack complex (MAC) deposition in 50% human whole blood with an IC50 of 0.77 µM.
  • HY-128729
    DNA2 inhibitor C5

    Others Cancer
    DNA2 inhibitor C5 is a potent, competitive and specific inhibitor of DNA2 nuclease activity with an IC50 of 20 μM. DNA2 inhibitor C5 inhibits nuclease, DNA dependent ATPase, helicase, and DNA binding activities of DNA2. DNA2 inhibitor C5 is a promising lead compound to develop sensitizers for cancer chemotherapeutics that cause replication stress.
  • HY-108372

    PROTAC Linker 2

    PROTAC Linker Cancer
    Boc-C5-O-C5-O-C6-Cl (PROTAC Linker 2) is a PROTAC linker utilized to connect the respective tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) to the E3 recruiting ligand.
  • HY-136055


    E3 Ligase Ligand-Linker Conjugate HIF/HIF Prolyl-Hydroxylase Cancer
    (S,R,S)-AHPC-C5-COOH (VH032-C5-COOH) is a synthesized E3 ligase ligand-linker conjugate, contains the VH032 VHL-based ligand and a linker to form PROTACs. VH-032 is a selective and potent inhibitor of VHL/HIF-1α interaction with a Kd of 185 nM, has the potential for the study of anemia and ischemic diseases.
  • HY-125876
    PROTAC Bcl2 degrader-1

    PROTACs Bcl-2 Family Cancer
    PROTAC Bcl2 degrader-1 (Compound C5) is a PROTAC based on Cereblon ligand, which potently and selectively induces the degradation of Bcl-2 (IC50, 4.94 μM; DC50, 3.0 μM) and Mcl-1 (IC50, 11.81 μM) by introducing the E3 ligase cereblon (CRBN)-binding ligand pomalidomide to Mcl-1/Bcl-2 dual inhibitor Nap-1.
  • HY-16992A

    Complement System Reactive Oxygen Species Inflammation/Immunology
    W-54011 is a potent and orally active non-peptide C5a receptor antagonist. W-54011 inhibits the binding of 125I-labeled C5a to human neutrophils with a Ki value of 2.2 nM. W-54011 also inhibits C5a-induced intracellular Ca 2+ mobilization, chemotaxis, and generation of ROS in human neutrophils with IC50s of 3.1 nM, 2.7 nM, and 1.6 nM, respectively.
  • HY-101755
    Tedatioxetine hydrobromide

    Lu AA24530 hydrobromide

    5-HT Receptor Adrenergic Receptor Neurological Disease Endocrinology
    Tedatioxetine (Lu AA24530) hydrobromide acts as a serotonin and norepinephrine (NE)-preferring triple reuptake inhibitor (TRI) and 5-HT2A, 5-HT2C, 5-HT3 and α1A-adrenergic receptor antagonist
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