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Cat. No. Product Name Target Research Areas
  • HY-U00439
    Protein kinase inhibitors 1

    DYRK Cancer
    Protein kinase inhibitors 1 is a novel inhibitor of HIPK2 with an IC50 of 74 nM and Kd of 9.5 nM.
  • HY-U00439A
    Protein kinase inhibitors 1 hydrochloride

    DYRK Cancer
    Protein kinase inhibitors 1 hydrochloride is a potent HIPK2 inhibitor, with IC50s of 136 and 74 nM for HIPK1 and HIPK2, and a Kd of 9.5 nM for HIPK2.
  • HY-146184

    Bcl-2 Family Cancer
    CCT373567 is a potent degrader of transcriptional repressor BCL6, with an IC50 of 2.9 nM. CCT373567 exhibits antiproliferative activity.
  • HY-146185

    Bcl-2 Family Cancer
    CCT373566 is a potent and orally active degrader of transcriptional repressor BCL6, with an IC50 of 2.2 nM. CCT373566 shows strong antiproliferative efficacy in vitro and reduction in tumor growth in vivo.
  • HY-122653

    PROTACs Cancer
    CCT367766 is a potent and the third generation heterobifunctional and Cereblon-based pirin targeting protein degradation probe (PDP, or PROTAC), depletes pirin protein expression at low concentration. CCT367766 exhibits a moderate affinity for the CRBN-DDB1 complex with an IC50 value of 490 nM. CCT367766 reveals a good affinity for the recombinant pirin and CRBN with Kd values of 55 nM and 120 nM, respectively. CCT367766 provides a potential chemical tool to study a largely unexplored protein.
  • HY-129188

    Bcl-2 Family Cancer
    CCT369260 (compound 1) is an orally avtive B-cell lymphoma 6 (BCL6) inhibitor with anti-tumor activity. CCT369260 (compound 1) exhibits an IC50 of 520 nM.
  • HY-124674A
    CCT365623 hydrochloride

    Monoamine Oxidase EGFR Akt TGF-beta/Smad Cancer
    CCT365623 hydrochloride is an orally active lysyl oxidase (LOX) inhibitor, with an IC50 of 0.89 μM. CCT365623 hydrochloride suppresses EGFR (pY1068) and AKT phosphorylation driven by EGF. CCT365623 hydrochloride is extremely well tolerated, and has good pharmacokinetic properties.
  • HY-145927


    HSP Cancer
    NXP800 (CCT361814) is a potent heat shock factor 1 (HSF1) inhibitor. NXP800 has the potential for cancer research.