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  • HY-P7710
    Calmodulin Protein, Human

    rHuCalmodulin; Calmodulin; CaM; CALM1

    Human E. coli
    Calmodulin Protein, Human is a recombinant human Calmodulin expressed in E. coli. Calmodulin is a low molecular weight, acidic, calcium binding protein which mediates the Ca2+ regulation of a wide range of physiological processes throughout eukaryotic organisms[1].
  • HY-P7714
    CAMK1 Protein, Human (HEK293, His)

    rHuCAMK1, His; Calcium/Calmodulin-Dependent Protein Kinase Type 1; CaM Kinase I; CaMKI-Alpha; CAMK1

    Human HEK 293
    CAMK1 Protein, Human (HEK293, His), a recombinant human CAMK1 produced in HEK293 cells, has a His tag at the N-terminus. CAMK1 is involved in multiple cell functions, including calmodulin binding, ATP binding, signal transduction, development and cell differentiation[1].
  • HY-P7715
    CAMK1 delta Protein, Human (GST)

    rHuCAMK1D, N-GST; Calcium/Calmodulin-dependent protein kinase type 1D; CaMKI-like protein kinase; CAMK1D;

    Human E. coli
    CAMK1 delta Protein, Human (GST), a recombinant human CAMK1D expressed in E. coli, has a GST tag at the N-terminus. CAMK1D acts as a key modulator of tumor-intrinsic immune resistance[1].