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  • HY-146584

    Cathepsin Inflammation/Immunology
    Cathepsin C-IN-5 (compound SF38) is a potent, selective and orally active Cathepsin C inhibitor with IC50s of 59.9 nM, 4.26 µM, >5 µM, >5 µM, >5 µM for Cat C, Cat L, Cat S, Cat B, Cat K, respectively. Cathepsin C-IN-5 inhibits the Cat C activity in bone marrow and blood. Cathepsin C-IN-5 decreases the activation of NSPs (neutrophil serine proteases). Cathepsin C-IN-5 shows anti-inflammatory activity .
    Cathepsin C-IN-5
  • HY-149602

    Glutaminase Reactive Oxygen Species Cancer
    Glutaminase C-IN-2 (compound 11) is glutaminase C (GAC) allosteric inhibitor with an IC50 of 10.64 nM. Glutaminase C-IN-2 regulates the cellular metabolite, thereby increasing reactive oxygen species (ROS) by blocking glutamine metabolism. Glutaminase C-IN-2 has anticancer effects .
    Glutaminase C-IN-2
  • HY-146581

    Cathepsin Inflammation/Immunology
    Cathepsin C-IN-4 (compound SF27) is a potent Cathepsin C (Cat C) inhibitor, with an IC50 of 65.6 nM. Cathepsin C-IN-4 also inhibits THP-1 and U937 cell, with IC50 values of 203.4 and 177.6 nM, respectively .
    Cathepsin C-IN-4
  • HY-146580

    Cathepsin Inflammation/Immunology
    Cathepsin C-IN-3 (compound SF11) is a potent Cathepsin C (Cat C) inhibitor, with an IC50 of 61.79 nM. Cathepsin C-IN-3 also inhibits THP-1 and U937 cell, with IC50 values of 101.5 and 86.5 nM, respectively .
    Cathepsin C-IN-3
  • HY-162275

    Others Cancer
    JMJD1C-IN-1 (compound 193D7) is an inhibitor of JMJD1C with oral activity. JMJD1C-IN-1 targets tumor Treg cells without affecting systemic immune homeostasis .
  • HY-146148

    Histone Demethylase Cancer
    KDM4C-IN-1 (Compound 4d) is a potent KDM4C inhibitor with an IC50 of 8 nM. KDM4C-IN-1 inhibits the growth of HepG2 and A549 cells with IC50s of 0.8 µM and 1.1 µM, respectively .
  • HY-155611

    Cathepsin Inflammation/Immunology
    Cathepsin C-IN-6 (compound 2) is a E-64c-hydrazideas based inhibitor of cathepsin C with anti-inflammatory activity. Cathepsin C-IN-6 inhibts activation of neutrophil elastase,exhibits potential efficacy in inflammatory diseases with high neutrophil load (e.g.,chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) .
    Cathepsin C-IN-6
  • HY-18605

    Ras Cancer
    K-Ras G12C-IN-2 is an irreversible covalent K-Ras G12C inhibitor.
    K-Ras G12C-IN-2
  • HY-103046

    E1/E2/E3 Enzyme Inflammation/Immunology
    UbcH5c-IN-1 (compound 6d) is a potent and selective small-molecule inhibitor of Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme UbcH5c, with a Kd of 283 nM for E2 UbcH5c-IN-1 by covalent binding with Cys85. A promising lead compound for the development of new antirheumatoid arthritis (RA) agent .
  • HY-18606

    Ras Cancer
    K-Ras G12C-IN-3 is a novel and irreversible inhibitor of mutant K-ras G12C.
    K-Ras G12C-IN-3
  • HY-12682
    Glutaminase C-IN-1
    5 Publications Verification

    Compound 968

    Glutaminase Cancer
    Glutaminase C-IN-1 (Compound 968) is an allosteric inhibitor of Glutaminase C that inhibits cancer cell growth without affecting their normal cellular counterparts .
    Glutaminase C-IN-1
  • HY-128771

    Ras Cancer
    K-Ras G12C-IN-4, compound 1, is a potent Covalent Inhibitor of KRAS G12C .
    K-Ras G12C-IN-4
  • HY-18604

    Ras Cancer
    K-Ras G12C-IN-1 is a novel and irreversible inhibitor of mutant K-ras G12C extracted from patent WO 2014152588 A1.
    K-Ras G12C-IN-1

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