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  • HY-128729
    DNA2 inhibitor C5

    Others Cancer
    DNA2 inhibitor C5 is a potent, competitive and specific inhibitor of DNA2 nuclease activity with an IC50 of 20 μM. DNA2 inhibitor C5 inhibits nuclease, DNA dependent ATPase, helicase, and DNA binding activities of DNA2. DNA2 inhibitor C5 is a promising lead compound to develop sensitizers for cancer chemotherapeutics that cause replication stress.
  • HY-107999

    Others Cancer
    CADD522 is a potent inhibitor of runt-related transcription factor-2 (RUNX2)-DNA binding with an IC50 of 10 nM. CADD522 exhibits antitumor activity.
  • HY-124838

    Others Cancer
    EG1, a specific Pax2 inhibitor, directly binds the paired domain of Pax2 (Kd=1.35-1.5 μM) and inhibits Pax2-DNA interactions. EG1 can inhibit embryonic kidney development, a process directly dependent on Pax2 activity.