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  • HY-18643

    E1/E2/E3 Enzyme Cancer
    TZ9 is a novel inhibitor of Rad6 ubiquitin conjugating enzyme(E2 enzyme); inhibits MDA-MB-231 cell proliferation with IC50 of ~6 uM.
  • HY-103046

    E1/E2/E3 Enzyme Inflammation/Immunology
    UbcH5c-IN-1 (compound 6d) is a potent and selective small-molecule inhibitor of Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme UbcH5c, with a Kd of 283 nM for E2 UbcH5c-IN-1 by covalent binding with Cys85. A promising lead compound for the development of new antirheumatoid arthritis (RA) agent.
  • HY-13811

    E1/E2/E3 Enzyme Apoptosis Cancer
    NSC697923 is a potent UBE2N (ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 N, Ubc13) inhibitor. NSC697923 induces neuroblastoma (NB) cell death via promoting nuclear importation of p53 in p53 wild-type NB cells. NSC697923 also induces cell death in p53 mutant NB cells by activation of JNK-mediated apoptotic pathway. NSC697923 inhibits DNA damage and NF-κB signaling. Antitumor activity.