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  • HY-N0179


    Endogenous Metabolite Apoptosis Metabolic Disease
    Ecdysone (α-Ecdysone), a major steroid hormone in insects and herbs, triggers mineralocorticoid receptor (MR) activation and induces cellular apoptosis. Ecdysone plays essential roles in coordinating developmental transitions and homeostatic sleep regulation through its active metabolite 20-hydroxyecdysone (Crustecdysone; 20E; HY-N6979).
  • HY-B2054

    Apoptosis Others
    Tebufenozide is a nonsteroidal ecdysone agonist used to control pest. Tebufenozide has cytotoxic and induces apoptosis in HeLa and insect Tn5B1-4 cells.
  • HY-N1534
    Ponasterone A


    Others Others
    Ponasterone A (25-Deoxyecdysterone), an ecdysteroid, has strong affinity for the ecdysone receptor. Ponasterone A is a potent regulator of gene expression in cells and transgenic animals, enabling reporter genes to be turned on and off rapidly.
  • HY-16785

    INXN-1001; RG-115932

    Interleukin Related Cancer Inflammation/Immunology
    Veledimex (INXN-1001), a synthetic analog of the insect molting hormone ecdysone, is an orally active activator ligand for a proprietary gene therapy promoter system. Veledimex can be used to activate certain genes using the ecdysone receptor (EcR)-based inducible gene regulation system, the RheoSwitch Therapeutic System (RTS). Veledimex can cross blood-brain barrier (BBB) in both orthotopic GL-261 mice and cynomolgus monkeys.
  • HY-N6979


    Caspase Autophagy Endogenous Metabolite Cardiovascular Disease
    Crustecdysone (20-Hydroxyecdysone) is a naturally occurring ecdysteroid hormone isolated from Cyanotis arachnoides C.B.Clarke which controls the ecdysis (moulting) and metamorphosis of arthropods, it inhibits caspase activity and induces autophagy via the 20E nuclear receptor complex, EcR-USP. Crustecdysone exhibits regulatory or protective roles in the cardiovascular system. Crustecdysone is an active metabolite of Ecdysone (α-Ecdysone; HY-N0179)
  • HY-117386

    Others Others
    Methoxyfenozide, a diacylhydrazine insecticide, selectively binds to lepidopteran ecdysone receptors (EcRs) over dipteran EcRs with Kd values of 0.5 and 124 nM, respectively. Methoxyfenozide is lethal to neonatal larvae of S. exigua, S. frugiperda, T. ni, O. nubilalis, L. pomonella, H. zea, and H. virescens (LC50s=0.35, 0.2, 0.11, 0.18, 0.21, 0.79, and 3.12 mg/L, respectively).
  • HY-113890


    Others Others
    Halofenozide (RH-0345) is an ecdysteroid agonist. RH-0345 belongs to a new group of insect growth regulators (IGRs) with a benzoylhydrazine structure that mimic the action of the natural insect molting hormone 20-hydroxyecdysone.