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  • HY-145983

    Others Cancer
    Suc-Gly-Pro-AMC is a fibroblast activation protein (FAP)-specific substrate. Suc-Gly-Pro-AMC can be used to study the activity of FAP.
  • HY-103323
    Fas C-Terminal Tripeptide

    Others Others
    Fas C-Terminal Tripeptide is a C-terminal tripeptide of Fas. Fas C-Terminal Tripeptide shows the inhibitory effect on Fas/FAP-1 binding.
  • HY-108944

    SHP2 Phosphatase Inflammation/Immunology
    LYP-IN-1 is a potent, selective and specific LYP inhibitor with a Ki and an IC50 of 110 nM and 0.259 μM, respectively. LYP-IN-1 also has selectivity for a large panel of PTPs, such as SHP1 (IC50=5 μM) and SHP2 (IC50=2.5 μM). LYP-IN-1 exhibits highly efficacious cellular activity in T- and mast cells. LYP-IN-1 can be used for the study of autoimmune disorders.