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  • HY-129087

    Apoptosis Cancer
    BC-1258, an F-box/LRR-repeat protein 2 (FBXL2) activator, can stabilize and upregulate FBXL2 levels. BC-1258 induces apoptosis of tumorigenic cells, and profoundly inhibits tumor formation in mice.
  • HY-117937

    Ligands for E3 Ligase Inflammation/Immunology
    BC-1215 is an inhibitor of F-box protein 3 (FBXO3, a ubiquitin E3 ligase component, IC50=0.9 μg/mL for IL-1β release). BC-1215 decreases Fbxo3-Fbxl2 interaction and prevents SCF Fbxo3 catalyzed Fbxl2 ubiquitination. BC-1215 inhibits the Fbxo3-TRAF activation pathway by destabilizing TRAF1–TRAF6. BC-1215, interacts with ApaG to profoundly inhibit secretion of a broad spectrum of TH1 panel cytokines from human PBMC.