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  • HY-P7332
    BMP-3B/GDF10 Protein, Human

    rHuBMP-3B; BIP; BMP-3B; GDF-10

    Human E. coli
    BMP-3B/GDF10 Protein, Human belongs to the transforming growth factor beta superfamily that is closely related to bone morphogenetic protein-3 (BMP3). BMP-3B/GDF10 Protein plays a role in head formation and may have multiple roles in skeletal morphogenesis.
  • HY-P75788
    BMP-3B/GDF10 Protein, Mouse (HEK293, Fc)

    Growth/differentiation factor 10; GDF-10; Bone morphogenetic protein 3B; BMP-3B

    Mouse HEK 293