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  • HY-124701

    Fungal Infection
    Filastatin is a long-lasting inhibitor of Candida albicans filamentation. Filastatin inhibits adhesion by multiple pathogenic Candida species with an IC50 of ~3 μM in the GFP-based adhesion assay. Filastatin inhibits fungal adhesion to polystyrene and human cells, the yeast-to-hyphal morphological transition, induction of the hyphal-specific HWP1 promoter. Filastatin has potent antifungal effect.
  • HY-12473

    PI3K SARS-CoV Cancer
    Vps34-IN-2 is a novel, potent and selective inhibitor of Vps34 with IC50s of 2 and 82 nM on the Vps34 enzymatic assay and the GFP-FYVE cellular assay, respectively. Vps34-IN-2 shows antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2 (IC50 of 3.1 μM), HCoV-229E (IC50 of 0.7 μM) and HCoV-OC43.