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  • HY-143493
    Influenza virus-IN-2

    Influenza Virus Inflammation/Immunology
    Influenza virus-IN-2 (compound 19) is a potent influenza virus inhibitor with an EC50 of 2.58 µM and CC50 of 150.85 µM. Influenza virus-IN-2 shows a concentration dependent inhibition activity for PAN endonuclease with EC50 of 489.39 nM. Influenza virus-IN-2 shows shows anti-influenza A virus activities.
  • HY-19961

    HCV Influenza Virus Infection
    KIN1408 is an agonist of the RIG-1-like receptor (RLR) pathway and exhibits a broad-spectrum antiviral activity. KIN1408 exhibits activity against HCV, influenza A, dengue virus 2, Ebola, Nipah, and Lassa viruses.