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  • HY-P99246


    Interleukin Related Inflammation/Immunology Cancer
    Bermekimab (MABp1) is a human monoclonal antibody that targets interleukin-1alpa (IL-1α). Bermekimab prevents tumour-related inflammation .
  • HY-77048

    IRAK Inflammation/Immunology
    IRAK-4 protein kinase inhibitor 2 (compound 1) is a potent inhibitor of interleukin-1 (IL-1) receptor-associated kinase-4 (IRAK-4), with an IC50 of 4 μM. IRAK-4 protein kinase inhibitor 2 can be used for the research of inflammatory and immune-related conditions or disorders .
    IRAK-4 protein kinase inhibitor 2
  • HY-P99316

    CNTO-136; Anti-Human IL6 Recombinant Antibody

    Interleukin Related Inflammation/Immunology
    Sirukumab (CNTO-136) is a humanized monoclonal anti-IL6 (Interleukin Related) IgG1κ antibody. Sirukumab has the potential for active lupus nephritis research .
  • HY-P99310

    RG4934; Anti-Human IL17A Recombinant Antibody

    Interleukin Related Inflammation/Immunology
    Perakizumab (RG4934) is a humanized IgG1κ monoclonal antibody against IL-17A (Interleukin Related). Perakizumab can be uesd for the research of autoimmune diseases, such as psoriatic arthritis .
  • HY-P99410

    AMG 714; PRV-015

    Interleukin Related Inflammation/Immunology
    Ordesekimab (AMG 714; PRV-015) is a fully human IgG1κ anti-IL-15 (Interleukin Related) monoclonal antibody. The binding of Ordesekimab to IL-15 inhibits the interaction of IL-15 with the IL-2Rβ and common γ chain of the IL-15 receptor complex, but not with the IL-15Rα chain. Ordesekimab has the potential for study of nonresponsive celiac disease (NRCD) .
  • HY-P1047

    [Pro18, Asp21] β-Amyloid (17-21)

    Amyloid-β Neurological Disease
    β-Sheet Breaker Peptide iAβ5 is a potent degrader of cerebral amyloid-beta (Abeta). Abeta deposition is associatied with the Alzheimer disease (AD), due to its related toxicity linked to its beta-sheet conformation and/or aggregation. β-Sheet Breaker Peptide iAβ5 reproducibly induces in vivo disassembly of fibrillar amyloid deposits. Thus, β-Sheet Breaker Peptide iAβ5 prevents and/or reverses neuronal shrinkage caused by Abeta, and reduces the extent of interleukin-1beta positive microglia-like cells that surround the Abeta deposits. β-Sheet Breaker Peptide iAβ5 reduces the size and/or number of cerebral amyloid plaques in AD. β-Sheet Breaker Peptide iAβ5 labeled by hydrophobic benzyl alcohol (HBA) tag, can be used for quantitative assay by showing vivid blue color under acidic conditions .
    β-Sheet Breaker Peptide iAβ5