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  • HY-121140

    Others Metabolic Disease
    AZ1729 is a potent free fatty acid 2 receptor (FFA2) activator, acting as a direct allosteric agonist and as a positive allosteric modulator. AZ1729 increases the activity of the endogenously produced short chain fatty acid propionate in Gi-mediated pathways, but not at those transduced by Gq/G11. AZ1729 induces inhibition of isoproterenol-induced lipolysis in mouse adipocytes. AZ1729 also can Induce migration of human neutrophils. AZ1729 can be used for researching the signaling pathways of the physiological roles of FFA2.
  • HY-135982
    GPR81 agonist 1

    Others Metabolic Disease
    GPR81 agonist 1 is a potent and highly selective GPR81 agonist, with EC50s of 58 nM and 50 nM for human and mouse GPR81, respectively. GPR81 agonist 1 inhibits lipolysis in differentiated 3T3-L1 adipocytes. GPR81 agonist 1 suppresses lipolysis in mice without cutaneous flushing. GPR81 agonist 1 displays remarkable selectivity for GPR81 over GPR109a.