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  • HY-143483

    Bacterial Infection
    NBTIs-IN-5 (Compound 5r) is a NBTI (Novel Bacterial Topoisomerase Inhibitor) DNA gyrase inhibitor with an IC50 of 1.5 μM against Mycobacterium abscessus (Mabs) DNA gyrase. NBTIs-IN-5 inhibits Mabs bamboo bacterial growth with an MIC90 of 0.4 μM.
  • HY-132923

    Bacterial Infection
    NBTIs-IN-4 demonstrates potent antibacterial activity against diverse Gram-positive pathogens, inhibition of both DNA gyrase and topoisomerase IV, a low frequency of resistance.
  • HY-116042

    Adenosine Receptor Cardiovascular Disease
    FSCPX is a potent and selective irreversible antagonist of A1 adenosine receptor (A1AR), with low nanomolar potency for binding to the A1AR. FSCPX could modify the effect of NBTI, a nucleoside transport inhibitor, by reducing the interstitial adenosine level in the guinea pig atrium.
  • HY-143484

    Bacterial Infection
    844-TFM is a NBTI (novel bacterial topoisomerase inhibitor) DNA gyrase inhibitor, with an IC50 of 1.5 μM. 844-TFM exhibits bactericidal properties against M. abscessus.