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  • HY-101900
    Nile Blue A sulfate

    Nile blue sulfate

    Fluorescent Dyes/Probes
    Nile Blue A (Nile blue sulfate) is used to differentiate melanins and lipofuscins. It is also useful for staining fats and preparation of an amperometric glucose sensor.
  • HY-D1463
    Nile Blue Methacrylamide

    Fluorescent Dyes/Probes
    Nile Blue Methacrylamide is a Nile Blue-based nanosized pH densor that can be used for simultaneous far-red and near-infrared live bioimaging.
  • HY-D0718
    Nile Red

    Nile blue A oxazone; Phenoxazone 9

    Fluorescent Dyes/Probes
    Nile Red (Nile Blue A oxazone) is a selective and hydrophobic fluorescent stain for intracellular lipid droplets and neutral lipids. Nile Red is intensely fluorescent in all organic solvents and the fluorescence colors range from golden yellow to deep red.
  • HY-D1254

    NBL-SS perchlorate

    Fluorescent Dyes/Probes
    Trx-red (NBL-SS perchlorate) is a red-emitting fluorescent probe derivatized from the nile blue fluorophore. Trx-red is used for selectively imaging thioredoxin (Trx) in live cells and in vivo (λex=615 nm, λem=661 nm).