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  • HY-B0843A


    Fungal Infection
    Metalaxyl-M ((R)-Metalaxyl) is the active (R)-enantiomer of Metalaxyl. Metalaxyl-M is a broad-spectrum fungicide that inhibits protein and ribosomal RNA synthesis in fungi. Metalaxyl is used for research of plant diseases caused by pathogens of the Oomycota division.
  • HY-B0843

    Fungal Infection
    Metalaxyl is a fungicide that inhibits protein synthesis in fungi. Metalaxyl inhibits the growth of potato blight (P. infestans) fungal isolates from Serbian potato fields (EC50s=0.3-3.9 μg/mL).
  • HY-B0846

    Fungal Androgen Receptor Infection
    Dimethomorph is a morpholine fungicide that inhibits fungal cell wall formation. Dimethomorph inhibits mycelial growth of the oomycete fungi, P. citrophthora, P. parasitica, P. capsici, and P. infestans (EC50s=0.1, 0.38, <0.1, and 0.16-0.3 µg/mL, respectively), but is less active against the green algae species C. vulgaris or S. obliquus in vitro (EC50s=47.46 and 44.87 µg/mL, respectively). Dimethomorph inhibits androgen receptor (AR) activity in a reporter assay in MDA-kb2 human breast cancer cells but not in a yeast antiandrogen screen (IC20s=0.263 and 38.5 µM, respectively).