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  • HY-108166A
    Hydroxystilbamidine bis(methanesulfonate)

    Hydroxystilbamidine bis(methanesulfonate), a dye capable of binding to both DNA and RNA, has been found to be a powerful inhibitor of cellular ribonucleases.
  • HY-146364

    HIV Infection
    CI-39 is an antiviral natural product. CI-39 is an NNRTI (non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibit) antiviral agent with an EC50 of 3.40 µM and an CC50 of >30 µM for wild type HIV-1. CI-39 inhibits HIV-1 RT DNA polymerase and ribonuclease H activitiessup.
  • HY-137817

    DNA/RNA Synthesis Metabolic Disease
    BCH001, a quinoline derivative, is a specific PAPD5 inhibitor. BCH001 restores telomerase activity and telomere length in dyskeratosis congenita (DC) induced pluripotent stem cells. BCH001 shows no inhibition of poly(A)-specific ribonuclease (PARN) or several other canonical and non-canonical polynucleotide polymerases. BCH001 is used to regulate aging.