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  • HY-120855

    Ras Cardiovascular Disease
    CCG-100602 is a specific inhibitor of myocardin-related transcription factor A/serum response factor (MRTF-A/SRF) signaling. CCG-100602 specifically block MRTF-A nuclear localization and thus inhibit the fibrogenic transcription factor SRF.
  • HY-108361

    Ras Inflammation/Immunology Cancer
    CCG-203971 is a second-generation Rho/MRTF/SRF pathway inhibitor. CCG-203971 potently targets RhoA/C-activated SRE-luciferase (IC50 =6.4 μM). CCG-203971 inhibits PC-3 cell migration with an IC50 of 4.2 μM. Potential anti-metastasis Agent.