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  • HY-137457


    PARP Cancer
    Venadaparib (IDX-1197) is a potent, selective and orally active PARP inhibitor with IC50s of 1.4 nM and 1.0 nM for PARP1 and PARP2, respectively. Venadaparib does not sensitive to PARP-5. Venadaparib prevents the repair of DNA single-strand breaks (SSB) and can be used for solid tumors research.
  • HY-145804

    PPAR Neurological Disease
    AZD-9574 is a potent and brain penetrant PARP1 inhibitor and shows >8000-fold selectivity for PARP1 compared to PARP2/3/5a/6. AZD-9574 acts by selectively inhibiting and trapping PARP1 at the sites of SSBs. AZD-9574 is an anti-cancer agent and can be used for HRD + breast cancer and advanced solid malignancies research.